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Why the conveyor belt does not remain centered?
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In order to obtain a precise belt centering, the first thing to do is to verify that the dryer is on level. Use the leveling feet near the casters to correct any unevenness to the floor. Open the lateral panels and use the frame of the dryer as a reference.

First of all you have to understand if the belt centering system works correctly.
The automatic belt centering system is electrically controlled and comprises two devices: a lifter and touch sensor. The lifter acts only upon one of the two tubes.
At installation the second tube needs to be manually adjusted such that the belt tends to veer towards the side where the touch sensor is installed and when the tube has been moved downwards (4).
When the belt completely presses against the sensor (1) the lifter raises the tube in such a way as to guide it towards the opposite side (2). As soon as the belt loses contact with the sensor (3) the tube is lowered (4) and the process repeats cyclically. The belt thus moves repeatedly a few millimeters from left to right.

If the touch sensor and the lifter operates, it is necessary to check the alignment of the rollers by acting on the relevant register screws.

Otherwise it is necessary to identify if one of the elements is malfunctioning or is not correctly supplied. Open the lateral panel and check the corresponding fuse. With the help of a tester, verify that the elements are correctly supplied


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