Frequently Asked Questions

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The "TERMOSTATO" alarm occurs the heating elements reach too high temperatures.
When the alarm intervenes, it cuts the power to the heating elements, to prevent damage.

If the PLC shows fluctuating temperature values with a maximum peak of 284°C, the temperature probe is faulty and it needs to be replaced.
If the "TERMOSTATO" alarm shows up at normal working temperature, it is needed a calibration to raise the maximum limit of intervention.

Open the panel below the drawers, and rotate the black knob (1 dent = +20°C, it should be on 220° by default). In some working conditions the default limit is too low and this notification alarm can happen.
Adding +20°C on the max limit of the heating elements could resolve the problem.

Keep in mind that this value is not the temperature of the hot air inside the dryer. It is the temperature that the heating elements will reach at maximum. Be careful to raise too much the limit, it will stress or lower the life of the heating elements.


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