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What is the Temperature and Time needed in DTG digital printing?
Last Updated a year ago

The drying temperature and time can change depending on the quantity of preatreatment and ink applied, as well as the quality, color and material of the fabric.

Generally speaking, the working temperature is set on 160°C. If the fabric is delicate or tends to shift to brown, set a lower temperature (150°C). Every hot air Dryer maintains a constant temperature that will never exceeds the set value, to avoid damaging the products.

Usually, for white or light garments, or small graphics, it is needed a drying cycle of 4-6 minutes.
For large graphics, black or dark garments, that normally have more pretreatment and ink, it is needed a cycle of 6-8 minutes.

In any case you must carry out some wash Test! The holding strength of the final print needs to verified by completing a wash cycle.

The washing machine must be loaded, otherwise your sample will not experience the friction of a normal cycle. Therefore load the washing machine with other fabrics as well. Use a normal dose of detergent and select the cycle recommended for your sample material type at the recommended temperature.

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